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One Crazy Christmas

17 Dec

Hi everyone! It’s Ava, I am SO excited for Christmas!! It is only 2 weeks away! In my family we have a traditional Christmas. Opening gifts on Christmas morning, celebrating Cristmas eve with family. That doesn’t mean it’s ALL normal.

Every year my uncle Tim comes from Germany to stay with us for Christmas. It’s a BOAT LOAD OF FUN WITH HIM!!! He is a crazy guy! He is a goofy person who loves to have fun. He flies toy helicopters around the house. (It LOOKS fun but he doesn’t trust me with it so I can’t fly it). Tim and I make up weird dances that are really strange but have one REALLY cool move in it. Our last one had this move where I slid under him but he would catch me and throw me up in the air and I would almost do a handstand in the air and he would catch me. (Odd Huh??) We even have our very own special tradition, all to ourselves! On December 23rd we would go out and walk to a restaurant and have hot chocolate with mini marshmellows… Nobody else just us!On top of it all my uncle owns a bakery in Germany. Every year he brings us boxes of brownies, blondies, shortbread and a bunch of other baked goods! On th back of the packaging is a picture of my grandma and a story about her and her love of baking. Do you guys have an especially fun family member? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @BlogThree. Thank you guys for reading and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Xoxoxoxo -Ava


Tween Talk: Titles

6 Dec
titleGirly Girl, Tomboy. What’s The Difference? Hi guys, It’s Ava. Today I wanted to share my opinion about the titles girly girl and tomboy. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THEM… Yes I said hate. (Sorry mom, I know you don’t like me saying “hate” but I just HAD to!). First reason why I hate them, the majority of girls would say they are a “tomboy”. Some girls might even lie about it (I know from personal experiances). Want to know why? To appeal to… boys. Yes it’s crazy! But true. Girls think that guys would like an active, downtown tomboy, which might be true for some guys, but I would think that a guy would like a girl who was themselves! To all you girls out there, BOYS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING LIVING ON EARTH. I for one find a lot more fun hanging with my girls. Another reason why I hate these titles, They can OFFEND people!! I have been called both of these names and I don’t find them much of a compliment. These “Titles” can make people very upset about who they are and they might try to change themselves to be the other title… It is not good to ruin other peoples self esteem, Want to stop it? Do NOT use these names. My last reason for why I hate these is… Why do they only apply to GIRLS? Tomboy? Girly Girl? There is no such thing as a Boyey Boy or tomgirl. Isn’t that weird? I say NO to these labels! N.O!!!!!! I want you guys to comment below to say if you agree, if you don’t and why. Thanks for reading!!!

Festive Fashions

4 Dec

santa nailsChristmas Eve parties? Christmas day dinners? I have some tips for you so your clothes will be ready for any festive event. Since it is Christmas.. the colours are green and red. So what I would do is take a red or green sweater (no buttons or zippers), And throw that on over a black tank top. Next what you should do is take a pair of black skinny jeans and get those on. Feel free to add a belt for extra flare :)Have a black infinity scarf? Now is the time to wear it for the perfect accent. Taking your favorite pair of boots, UGG’s are good too, put those on to make your look complete. For your hair, try doing something a little bit different, so if you have naturally curly hair straighten it or if you have naturally straight hair try curling. Also taking your bangs and just simply twisting them to the side is a perfect touch! Make sure to secure them with a bobby pin. ;D Now you will look fashionable yet cozy at your christmas party. Be sure to check out these hot looks from, and

Ava: Christmas Traditions

3 Dec
xmas traditionsIt’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!
Hey guys, It’s Ava! OMG… CHRISTMAS IS IN 22 DAYS!! EEEP… I am SOOOO excited, this is the best part of the year where we get to drink hot cocoa by the fire, listen to Christmas songs and watch Christmas movies. Decorate trees and get together with family. I have some different holiday guides to share with you, to make your Christmas UNFORGETTABLE!!!!
Today I want to share with you my families Christmas traditions – my family has a bunch of Christmas traditions. Even ones that started a while ago. My grandparents were dairy farmers, so they had to schedule gift time around the time that the cows had to be milked. My mom and her brothers and sister would go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve night and when they got back at 1am they would open their gifts and eat Christmas dinner for 4 hours in the middle of the night!!! Then my grandpa would have to get up at 5am and milk the cows. So that is why my mom’s side comes to celebrate Christmas at our house on Christmas eve. My own little family opens our presents on Christmas morning. Another tradition of ours is going to the Santa Claus parade. When we get back we have our first fire of the season and eat clementines and drink cocoa. While watching a Charlie Brown Christmas, of course!! Another tradition is giving back to the community. We know EVERYONE loves to receive, but you also need to give. Its the circle of life!
Circle…… I have given a gift to a child in need from the Chum Christmas Wish Foundation several years in a row. Also I have donated money to a person from a third world country through KIVA who wanted to start a business but needed financial help. This year, since I live in a community with a lot of poverty and people with mental health issues, I have chosen 2 of my favorite neighbors who I wave to all the time on my way to school.They live in psychiatric boarding homes and have very little. I will give them each a Tim Horton’s gift card because they love coffee. Those are a few of my family traditions!
So that’s it! Do you holiday traditions? Tell us in the comments below, tweet us @BlogThree or email us at

You Can Make a Difference

14 Nov

ImageHi everyone, this is Ava.  This week is anti bullying week. It is very important to me, not just because of my personal experiences, but, also because so many people have been affected by bullying that it has caused them to take their lives or injure themselves. I, too have been bullied. I was bullied by my class – a lot. They would party when I wasn’t there, choose not to hang out with me and leave me alone. It made me feel like I didn’t belong. But, I spoke to my parents about it and they supported me through it.  They helped me to realize that I am unique in so many AWESOME ways.  I am funny, caring, smart, have a great sense of style, and i am pursuing my craft – acting and singing. It’s not easy to “not belong”, but neither is being a girl or taking tests.   We just have to surround ourselves with people who love us and support us to get through it. Remember, even if you’re not the bully or being bullied, YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Here are three things 3Girlsandablog want to share with you!

  • You don’t have to like every kid in the classroom but you must honour their humanity.
  • We need to get to a place where kindness is cool! Only then will the bullying end.
  • Bullying is: Persistent, deliberately harmful and target!