One Crazy Christmas

17 Dec

Hi everyone! It’s Ava, I am SO excited for Christmas!! It is only 2 weeks away! In my family we have a traditional Christmas. Opening gifts on Christmas morning, celebrating Cristmas eve with family. That doesn’t mean it’s ALL normal.

Every year my uncle Tim comes from Germany to stay with us for Christmas. It’s a BOAT LOAD OF FUN WITH HIM!!! He is a crazy guy! He is a goofy person who loves to have fun. He flies toy helicopters around the house. (It LOOKS fun but he doesn’t trust me with it so I can’t fly it). Tim and I make up weird dances that are really strange but have one REALLY cool move in it. Our last one had this move where I slid under him but he would catch me and throw me up in the air and I would almost do a handstand in the air and he would catch me. (Odd Huh??) We even have our very own special tradition, all to ourselves! On December 23rd we would go out and walk to a restaurant and have hot chocolate with mini marshmellows… Nobody else just us!On top of it all my uncle owns a bakery in Germany. Every year he brings us boxes of brownies, blondies, shortbread and a bunch of other baked goods! On th back of the packaging is a picture of my grandma and a story about her and her love of baking. Do you guys have an especially fun family member? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @BlogThree. Thank you guys for reading and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Xoxoxoxo -Ava


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