Our Apologies to Justin Bieber

29 Nov

I am so sad to still be reading about the Bieber fiasco during the Grey Cup performance.  I am deeply disappointed in the way CANADIAN fans booed Justin Bieber during his show.  May I just say that the majority of booers were adults!  Canadian adults.  We always say we’re proud of how we represent our country and how polite we are. Well, that night, I have to say that Canadians displayed the opposite.  You talk about how important it is to stand up to bullies, well isn’t booing a younger person (than yourself), calling him white trash a form of bullying? I mean, it is ill-intended.   Justin also got a lot of criticism for wearing overalls to meet the Prime Minister, but no one give him the opportunity to explain why he was wearing them.  He had just walked out of a meet and greet.  Why do adults think it’s perfectly okay for them to express their feelings – good or bad – in such a manner, yet they work tirelessly to SCREAM that bullying is WRONG!  Isn’t this a contradiction?  So to Justin and his mom, I say, “Sorry”. Not everyone thinks you are white trash, nor would we ever call you that! We love that you are Canadian and we hope that you still love us! Thank you for being a great representive of your country and keep on making great music! We LOVE YOU!


One Response to “Our Apologies to Justin Bieber”

  1. nationblogs December 3, 2012 at 9:27 am #

    omg so sad!!!!! poor him canadians should show respect to people no matter what!!

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