The Voice Tribute: Hallelujah

18 Dec

R.I.P to the 20 little angels who now live in heaven.


One Crazy Christmas

17 Dec

Hi everyone! It’s Ava, I am SO excited for Christmas!! It is only 2 weeks away! In my family we have a traditional Christmas. Opening gifts on Christmas morning, celebrating Cristmas eve with family. That doesn’t mean it’s ALL normal.

Every year my uncle Tim comes from Germany to stay with us for Christmas. It’s a BOAT LOAD OF FUN WITH HIM!!! He is a crazy guy! He is a goofy person who loves to have fun. He flies toy helicopters around the house. (It LOOKS fun but he doesn’t trust me with it so I can’t fly it). Tim and I make up weird dances that are really strange but have one REALLY cool move in it. Our last one had this move where I slid under him but he would catch me and throw me up in the air and I would almost do a handstand in the air and he would catch me. (Odd Huh??) We even have our very own special tradition, all to ourselves! On December 23rd we would go out and walk to a restaurant and have hot chocolate with mini marshmellows… Nobody else just us!On top of it all my uncle owns a bakery in Germany. Every year he brings us boxes of brownies, blondies, shortbread and a bunch of other baked goods! On th back of the packaging is a picture of my grandma and a story about her and her love of baking. Do you guys have an especially fun family member? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @BlogThree. Thank you guys for reading and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! Xoxoxoxo -Ava


Giving Back!

12 Dec

Will you accept our challenge?


Celine Dion: So This is Christmas

12 Dec

Love to one of our favourite Canadians!

Guest Blogger: Christmas Down Under!

11 Dec

Hi Everyone! We want to introduce our first guest blogger all the way from Australia. Her name is Leanna. Check out her post.

Hi! I am Leanna. I am 12 years old and I live in Australia. Christmas is very different in Australia. Why might you ask? Mainly because of the weather! Australia is in the southern hemisphere and because of that it is opposite to all the other countries in the northern hemisphere. It’s summer here and our summers are very HOT! I am talking about 40 degree heat! But there is one main thing that makes Christmas the same to many people and that is Christmas is a time of giving, sharing ad spending time with family and friends. In Australia we would normally celebrate christmas on the beach or by the pool or somewhere with air conditioning! We wouldn’t be sipping on egg nog or sitting by a fire roasting chestnuts, we would be drinking ice cold soft drinks waiting for our meat to cook on the barbecue! We also do the traditional turkey or baked ham if we are celebrating indoors.
Australia’s Christmas is just as exciting and fun as any other Christmas celebrated in the northern hemisphere only you’re probably going to get a tan instead of a itchy jumper on your skin! I think I prefer a hot summer Christmas rather than a cold, frosty one. Which do you prefer?


Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer

11 Dec

We think this is a very funny song!

Blog Love

10 Dec

blog loveWe are so happy that we have inspired some of our blog audience to start thier own blogs. A huge shout out to Rissa who started Bloggingwithjoy blog and to Edoll who started her DancingwithGeeks blog. We hope that you continue to blog. We often get asked why we blog and why even bother to blog. That no one will care about what we say or about what we want to share. To everyone who ask, we say that blogging is for us! It’s to express our opinions, our thoughts and have a voice. It is great to get comments from people who find our blog funny and thoughtful or even to those who look forward to what we tweens have to say. Blogging doesn’t have to have a purpose, it can be for fun, a hobby or just to express yourself. We are so lucky to live in a country where self expression is encouraged and allowed. So if you are a tween, teen or just someone who has something to say, why not take up blogging. It’s just another form of writing, except you’re typing. 🙂 We hope more tweens and teens get thier voice out and blog!